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Race-Based Affinity Spaces for Individuals

We facilitate individuals in our recurring workshop LISTEN IN, available internationally over zoom. These Affinity Space / Working Group gatherings address white supremacy and the body over a month long series:


  • BIPOC Affinity Circle led by Kai Hazelwood: We heal better together; drawing on the lineages of pleasure activism, healing the somatic toll of white supremacy, and honoring rest as resistance and reparation, this virtual space will provide a container for rest, resetting, and releasing. Together we will build a practice of nervous system settling strategies to resource ourselves and each other in our current lives.

  • White Working Group led by Sarah Ashkin: This virtual workshop supports white people in cultivating sensation in the body in order to embody anti-racist action from a place of awareness.  Over the five weeks, we will use movement, reading and discussion, and accountability practices to process our bodies’ feelings, privilege, and potential for action.  This intentional anti-racist white space is in direct accountability and support of the LISTEN IN: BIPOC Affinity Circle.“

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