Affinity Space / Working Group Gatherings Addressing White Supremacy and the Body in the time of COVID 19 offered by Practice Progress


Weekly Gatherings:


White Working Group led by Practice Progress Lead Facilitator Sarah Ashkin

Sundays June 28th, July 12th, July 26th from 1-3 PM PST / 4-6 PM EST

Sunday July 5th and July 19th from 1-2 PST / 4-5 EST

Reading and Discussion Groups Led by Listen In White Working Group Alums. This working space focuses on embodied understanding of personal and communal manifestations of white supremacy. 

BIPOC Affinity Circle led by Practice Progress Lead Facilitator Kai Hazelwood

Gathering Wednesdays July 1, 8, 15, 22 from 4-5PM PST/ 7-8 EST

This circle centers rest, pleasure, release, and healing through embodied practice.

White Identifying Folx will pay on a sliding scale for their 4 week fee, which will include a reparations payment to support all participants’ of color fees. 

Example: My 4 Week Total Fee: $80 = $10 a class for me + covers $10 a class for a participant of color.


Sign Up:
Please email us at to register for a zoom link and password to either the BIPOC zoom space or the White Working Group zoom.


Practice Progress workshops address white supremacy through body-based learning.  We integrate intersectional anti-racist theory through movement, mindfulness, and accountability practices.  One of our most powerful tools fighting racism is to gather in affinity spaces to process our particular racialized experiences in the company of knowing community.  During the COVID 19 pandemic, we have seen systematic white supremacist violence fast tracked: BIPOC are dying of the virus at almost 2 time the rate of white folks (The Pandemic Seems to Be Hitting People of Color the Hardest, Kendi, The Atlantic), hate crimes have peaked against AAPI people (COVID 10: Hate crimes against asians on the rise in the US, Aljazeera), and armed white supremacist groups are taking to the streets to protest shelter in place (The right wing groups behind wave of protests against COVID 19 restrictions, The Guardian).


Now is a time to gather in affinity spaces / working groups and LISTEN IN, in order to support our particular practices toward progress.


BIPOC Affinity Space held by Practice Progress Lead Facilitator Kai Hazelwood

Drawing on the lineages of pleasure activism and rest as resistance and reparation, this virtual space will provide a container for rest, resetting, and releasing. We will hold space for the collective grief we are all experiencing as we live through a global pandemic that is disproportionately affecting communities of color. Together we will build a practice of nervous system settling strategies to resource ourselves and each other in our current lives. We’ll practice dreaming a more just future into existence by exploring models of mutual aid and support already being created in BIPOC communities the world over, and using them to ground us in our own agency as we navigate this uncertain time.


White Learning and Working Group held by Practice Progress Lead Facilitator Sarah Ashkin

This virtual workshop offers white folks an opportunity to cultivate sensation in the body in order to embody anti-racist action from a place of awareness.  Over the four weeks, we will use movement, reading and discussion, and accountability practices to process our bodies’ feelings, privilege, and potential for action in the time of COVID 19.  This intentional anti-racist white space, not only provides us with a place to work with messy feelings, reactions, and learnings without weighting folx of color with work that is ours to bare, but is in direct accountability and support of the LISTEN IN: BIPOC Affinity Space Gathering.


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